To those who share the values of our brand and aspire to join the company to actively contribute in its growth and visibility. Our company provides benefits and services to our collaborators:
- ensuring rights and facilities;
- investing millions of dollars into services that are important to the employees;
- the state of health and safety enjoyed in the workplace under the Company’s administration;
- ensuring the availability of training and coaches in the course of employment, particularly foreign languages;
- the flourishing relationship between the Company and its collaborators.

Our collaborators are working with partners all around the world.
We are encouraging the youth to join the teams of the Company.

We make a special call to the scholars, experts in business jurisprudence, and creatives, especially the photographers, as well as people with graphic design, video making, and communication expertise, and analysts and engineers of all different specializations and fields.

Finally, this new reality presents a challenge that rises above a mere media strategy. The Brand no longer exists in small branches that can be compared to startups or small groups of freelancers. It is now a real, if nascent and out of the box, main actor — more akin in organization and impact to the Coca-Cola of the late 1990s than Pepsi.

We intend to actively contribute in the formation of a better society for the future.
Let the world know that we are living today in a new era.
We are you if you’ll join the Project.


Exploring the overhanging text, some words might change on mouseover. The highlighted words are the ones that were originally used in the Islamic State’s official magazine “Dabiq”. The original sentences were rearranged and explicit contents were translated (masked) to bring out a text that holds the peculiar structure of a manifesto, as if it were drawn by a brand. Read the uncensored text altogether here.